Monday, July 14, 2014

germany FTW‏... july 14, 2014

creative zone leaders that have us ´´bury our swords´´... one of them gave a great training about the army of Helaman and how their father buried their swords and promised not to fight more and to change… he invited us to write things that we’ve done wrong in the past that we want to forget and then we went and literally buried our paper swords. 
my new zone!
love this fellow missionary!
in general zone meeting was so good!! all of the trainings were so good and made me feel really inspired to just be my best.
the world cup is over.. now what?
so the other sisters and the zone leaders restarted a program on the local radio saturday night and they gave a shout out to me and my comp ´´and we want to send a big hug to ashley from the united states who is listening tonight... hugs ashley!!´´ hahahhaha 
teaching the word of wisdom to our investigator whose baptism is marked for saturday and she says… “oh yeah well my friend who is a member already mentioned this so i stopped drinking coffee almost a month ago…” and this was before she had even received the missionaries or went to church or anything!! she is perfect.. now we just have to hope her mom feels she is ready for baptism... pray for a miracle!!!
we talked about eternal families with a couple we are teaching and gave them a picture of the temple... the next day they had the picture in a frame and hanging on the wall.

one thing that our sister training leaders said as part of their training was that right now we are paying our tithing as missionaries. tithing is ten percent right? when Christ was 30 years old he started his ministry... and he lived for three more years. the average age of a missionary is 20 years old and we serve for almost an average of 2 years.. interested eh? they talked about how if you give 9.9% you aren't a full tithe payer.. so if we give 99% of our mission time we aren't doing our best.. but actually we may never be perfect 100% missionaries but we have to try... we will never be able to do exactly what Christ would do because we are not perfect like Him, but through this atonement, He will make up what we are lacking.

ok so i am completely out of time.. but hopefully this gave a good overview of our week. things are SO great. we have four investigators who are progressing towards baptism reallly soon. mariane is planning to get baptized saturday but her mom thinks it's a little soon. she completely supports her and is so great but we haven't been teaching her for long so her mom wants her to wait. but she is so ready!! pray for her! seriously... a miracle. we will fast this week and teach with a powerful member and hope that everything works out for saturday! 

buttt. love you lots. and i love the goalie from germany. so… I might have saw a little pic of him yesterday. just a sidenote for you all. 
stay cool homies. i love you. and so does your heavenly father. 
xoxo ash 

 new people to love in cruz alta

 my comp

 relief efforts from flooding two weeks ago that we helped with as missionaries in cruz alta

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