Monday, July 7, 2014

july 7, 2014... here we gooooooooo (sing with the backstreet boys song)


•got to help out with the flood relief efforts. the community brought clothes and food to the church and we organized it all.. all (16 i think?)of the missionaries here in cruz alta got some media coverage. look for me on the news:)

•i’m lovin life. *see details below. 


•parts of rio grande do sul and our mission are flooding waaay bad… but not my city cruz alta but in são borja and itaquibryson served there I think??? #flashbacks

•and part of the road like fell apart or something making transfers waaaay complicated and meaning i spent 5 hours at the bus station tuesday and sister gold (ex comp of my new comp) just ended up going straight to santiago and not getting her new comp that she is supposed to train in santa maria. superrr sad. 


•fourth of july in brasil. no fun. 

•people may see me cry like every week looking at pics of isaac in his cute little suit and nametag. 


•we went home to study and plan during the game and here you can actually here everyone cheering and you know when brasil scores and who won. YAY BRASIL! usa disappointed me but whatever-- i want my brazilians to be happy! 

•my new companion is sister gusmãoshes so fun! she is 22 and a convert to the church. but, her family is less active. she lost her dad just days after her baptism. She is from a place by Sao Paulo called minas geneis or something like that. She’s 6 months in the mission and super sharp. she’s making me a better missionary. i am laughing again and loving it!


soooooo. cruz alta. has 4 wards. my ward is ala 3. yesterday we had TWO investigators at church. wait, what? this hasn’t happened in forever. one is the cutest young girl named mariane. she’s14. we marked her baptism for july 19. then there is carlos. his sister and brother and other family members are members of the church. he is 50ish. he does need to stop smoking, but we marked his baptism for july 26. idk why i just love him. he’s the cutest little man ever. Very simple and humble but I love it when he pulls his book of mormon out of his plastic bag and gets all ready for the lesson. We are praying so hard that he can stop smoking. it’s soooooo hard! don’t even start kids!! 


so i’m just happy happy. i am so happy to get to work here in cruz alta. the members are great. REFERENCES! say what? goodness, we have so many people we need to visit but we don’t have time! and the weather has been great this week. idk why it got way cold like a month ago then it just stopped…but i’ll take it. 


S/O to my 17 YO sister abby.  i told everyone it was my sister’s bday here.. not that they know her, but it’s whatever. 


anyways. got to go homies. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. i made a goal to finish reading the book of mormon in PORTUGUESES before i hit my one year... in one month! ahhh. do you think i can do it? i’m only in the book of  mosiah. wish me luck. 


love you like A LOT ok?


xoxo ash-- aka sister faldmo


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