Monday, December 1, 2014

ana rita for the winnnnn... december 1, 2014

this week flew by.. good and bad at the same time. 
so, i don't dare pick random flower by the side of the road... but my companion does:)
i don't even remember everything that happened this week... 
chaves died.. basically its like barney dying in america. #rip
isaacs getting fat (thats why he wasnt sending pictures mom)
when senor aureo wants to give us lunch.. aka any kind of meat you can imagine in a big churrasco #askinghimtofeedmomwhenshegetshere
mothers note: not sure i can keep the word of wisdom here:)

trying to have thanksgiving with sister tenorio.. we ate xis (a cheeseburger), french fries, pazookies, and drank pepsi #merica
two americans livin thanksgiving up... brazilian style:)
miracle baptisms--- shout out to ana rita for being uma eleita!!!
plus the elders baptized 3 kids of a less active so its was a white saturday in our cute little branch-- four baptisms! (ps i adore the kids they baptized.. im jealous i cant claim them)

ana rita is amazing and this was a special day for her and these little girls below:)
ok so I feel like each week my letters have been lame but even though you might think my letter is lame, this week was so great!! so blame it on my writing
lets talk about ana rita. 
so when i got here in rosario i heard a lot about her but she was in porto alegre with her son that is really sick and has lots of problems. (he turns one this week). it is just so hard and sad. it wasn’t until about a month ago that i visited her for the first time. when we visited her we left messages of comfort and love because of what she is going through, we weren’t really preparing her for baptism or talking about that, to be honest. someone always has to be with her son so i figured going to church would be very difficult if not somewhat impossible.  i thought that  maybe if she gains a testimony one day of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, she can prepare for baptism. but then last week she said she wanted go to church and her mom would stay with her son. then tuesday we visited her and wouldn’t you know, we felt prompted to invite her to be baptized next week aka the saturday coming up on the 6th. but she said that it was her son’s bday and so she wanted to have a little get together on that day but asked if it could be a different day.. we told her that it could be that very upcoming saturday november 29. (she had already been to church lots of times with the missionaries before us and they had already taught her everything).. and she accepted! so you can imagine that this week was crazy trying to make sure she was ready and interviewed and everything. 

and it all worked out! i’m so happy for her. i know that the baptismal covenant that she has with heavenly father now will strengthen her as she will pass through some really hard things. (in a couple weeks she and her son will go back to porto alegre for more surgeries and the doctors have already told her that any little thing that goes wrong at home or at the hospital may cause him not to survive...) she’s such a loving, caring mother who does everything for her two sons. I just feel that this is a to do something for herself… but not just anything, like “i’m going to buy new shoes”.. it’s something that is eternal in nature and vital for salvation.. and it will help her keep her family together forever. i’m so happy that I can be a part of this time in her life. 

anyways. I love you all lots. got to go. send me some love in the mailbox if you dare. hope thanksgiving was full of good food and now everything is getting ready for CHRISTMAS the best time everrrr!!!!!!

oxoxoxoxo sister faldmo
so, the day of the baptism... there was also a little disney extravaganza.  can't get enough disney:)

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