Monday, December 8, 2014

december 8, 2014 just do your thang...

birthday surprises at family night for ‘the mom of rosario’ aka vanuza. (of course, she was mad at us the day before, her real birthday, because no one even said happy birthday.. oopssss)
If I had a “cute” category this would be there: a birthday party for ana rita’s (remember the sweet lady who was baptized last week) little boy heitor. he turned one! It was so “touching” to see how the family cares for him and treats him so well even though with his age and medical issues, he may never remember this little party.
heitor's 1 year old bday party!-- so much love

me and naninha... a selfie with this amazing & newly baptized member
when the smart elders take a sleeping pill, but from what it seems like, it was actually for adhd, and then they show up to lunch still druggy… the brazilian elder is speaking like an american (inrrolado), the other isn’t even able to stay awake..
losing the mission cell phone, panicking, locating it at the church, borrowing keys, then almost losing the keys to the church (this is why you usually don’t see two americans together)
my lovely companion sister tenorio chugged half a bottle of pimenta to win a free scripture case from cleber
add another velorio (funeral) to the list
when our friend at the lan house (where we use the internet) makes a DVD for me of the mormon messages and when he gives me the flash drive back its marked “mormons”
Yesterday church was full of our investigators!!!!! Happinesssssss!!!!
ana rita's other son dionaton... we are buddies:)
it’s been made real clear that i’m not going to cruise into the sunset because my mission is coming to an end. i’m going to be tested and tried every moment that i wear His sacred name. the wonderful thing is that i am passing through these trials with a great companion. when she’s down i’m up and can help. when i’m down she’s up and helps me. With everything that’s happened, we have had to remember why we are here and who we are serving. i’m the happiest and have the most success when i do this work for the right reasons in the ways that best fit my strengths and my personality. we’ve decided to just serve the Lord and forget the rest. Sooner or later people will recognize our efforts and where our hearts are, and everything will work out.
Now, more than ever, i’ve realized what so many people have told me-- just be yourself. obviously, i have to get better, strengthen my testimony and i have lots of learn... but there is so much pressure in the mission to be perfect, and when you’re not it is always pointed out to you and sometimes not in a very constructive way. i want to be perfect and i want to give my best, but i always come short. lots of people don’t understand our hearts and don’t see all of our efforts, but luckily there always is someone who does: God knows our hearts perfectly and Christ knows exactly what we are going through. and thanks to our Savior’s Atonement we will be perfect. One day.
The mission is soooo hard. But this week i felt really blessed. we had FAMILIES at church… let me say that again, we had FAMILIES at church! that’s plural, more than one.  Every person has their own difficulties and challenges in life but the gospel blesses everyone of those individual's exactly how they need to be blessed and as a missionary, i get to help people learn and understand this message... so it’s worth it.

Happy pday! I love you all and am so grateful for your examples and support.

Love youuu 
oxoxoxo sister faldmo 

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