Monday, December 15, 2014

december 15, 2014 peace out rosario do sul

a little jam sesh with cleber after lunch hahhaa. me and the tamborine. 
ya, i've got some musical skills
a little service project to just... build a house.. for ana rita
evelyn was a great help during our service project:)
family nights with malu and nico
this is malu... because of her family nights our teaching pool GREW!
transfers. I’m heading to Sao Borja but I DONT WANT TO LEAVE :(
would you want to leave this amazing crew?
or this fantastic woman named nara?
or this newly baptized member marleze and her parents mariza & luis???  i didn't think so...
ireno: he was a reference from a member and has gone through a lot these past few years and it’s left him a little crazy. so, a couple of weeks ago he said things weren’t going well and so he didn’t want to learn anymore with us...  but then that week he went to church. then, he tried to end his our teaching again this week and i seriously was in tears. but, then he said he would go to church that week  just a few days later. hahahaha. whatever, i’ll take it! who knows, if he tries to get rid of us again he’s want to be baptized afterJ 
the classic picture of ireno... sitting in his chair, drinking his chimmarrao & wearing his shades:)

we are using the video “ele é o presente” a lot… or i think “he is the present” in english??? (mother’s note: #sharethegift)  but we use it together with the video  “thanks to him” or “graças a ele” and NOSSA it brings the spirit SO STRONG
cacau show aka my favorite kind of Brazilian chocolate opened a store in rosario!!!!! we went the first day J

so long story short i’m leaving and i don’t have much to say about it. 
but, like i said last week... im going to be tested until the end. so… lets do this! 6 weeks to find, teach and baptize. bring it on
i’m super sad to leave my investigators here. It’s seriously the coolest teaching pool and group i’ve ever had. and we have A LOT that i’m leaving! we have the young, the old, the weird, the legit… hahha. we have it all! and… i love every single one of them and the people here!! sister tenorio and I have worked so hard these past 5 weeks we had together. we seriously are SO worn out-- but it feels goodJ! haha. 

all of these pics are of investigators that i'm leaving:(
eva and the girls amaddddddaaaa!
gabi is a beauty queen and sometimes lets me borrow one of her crowns
these are my homie investigators... kennedy, rodger & rodine...
guilherme & jacqualine... i love them so much because he's a straight up gangster:)
more pics of me with some of our investigators at church
that’s all i can say. it will be hard, but I know my transfer is right. when i left cruz alta for rosario i had a prompting that i wouldn’t end my mission in rosario. i had just hoped and thought that i would have more time here and in my last area wherever that would be—i didn’t know at the time. is that too much to ask? haha impossible.
so next week i won’t be able to send an email because we will talk with our families. should be interesting. i miss those little faces. 
i love you lots. i hope you all have a GREAT natal. sister tenorio and i were making a christmas card but we seriously never had time to finish it. who knows if we can make something happen today?? :)

anyways. FELIZ NATAL. play in the snow for me. but seriously… please try and remember what christmas is all about folks. 

you all know i loves these boys donation & bahianho... don't you?  well you better know:
rochele is so sweet!
one last pic with ana rita... the one person i saw enter the waters of baptism 
while i've been in rosario
i call this the awk family photo that i was in after my last sunday at church in rosario:)
some last picture outtakes of us here in rosario

 wonderful members here in rosario... vanilda, adalton & their daugher natalie.
rosario do sul was good to me
how can you not love a companion that paints your nails so well??? :)
sister tenorio and i made a great team...

BOA VIAGEM... it was a "good trip" rosario...
xooooxoxooxo sister faldmo

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