Monday, January 19, 2015

january 19, 2015... and then there was one (week left)

i’m so nervous to type this email. bear with me. 

in the branch we have two girls that are preparing to serve missions! this week we went on splits with them to cover more ground and be able to make it to more appointments. i loved the simplicity of their teaching and testimonies… sometimes as full time missionaries we complicate stuff.
at the church on sunday
so ya, this countdown exists on my wall.  you are here
we have a branch mission leader now! yay!
MY LAST WEEKLY PLANNING! HIP HIP HOORAY! weekly planning is NOT my fav
everything was all set for franciele’s baptism... we even marked the time and everything, it would be on my last Saturday here on my mission. but, once again she didn’t go to church and once again another  baptismal date fell through. 
the dreams i’ve been having lately... 
first there was one where i completely forgot about my last interview with president and i had already left my mission but then he showed up and all of a sudden there was a tornado coming and no one knew what to do and i had to save everyone...
then there was another that i got home and no one would give me a cell phone! hahhaa (some things never change.. apparently i’m still worried about my cell phone).. and then in the dream i was super bugged because i left two cell phones with my family and they gave them away to random people and wouldn’t let me get a new one. 
Shout Out to Talli and the Poulsen's!  We have the BEST makeup in BRAZIL!!!

it’s awk that the britney spears song lucky keeps going through my head “what happens when its STOPS”… #cleanthoughts #iamachildofgod......andhehassentmehere
ok folks, that's a university of north dakota proud dad in sao borja, brazil!
had one of the best zone meetings of my mission this week. it was during this meeting that i could feel a sweet confirmation that my mission is ending… and it’s ok.  i felt that I truly learned the gospel principles that they were teaching at our zone meeting. i have lived them. it was a great meeting but there were some teary moments at the same time. this truly is the end.
got to see my vida loka LD again at zone meeting
everyone wants to be taller than elder heans... she's on a chair people

this week i finally gained the testimony i’ve been search for of the importance of fasting
my companion is an angel
she is just the best!

ok, so I feel ready to write this very spiritual and life changing email but it’s just super hard with our time limits haha. plus i spent a lot of my time doing this in my email to president just barely and i told him what i learned in every area i have served in rio grande do sul. i promise i will get back and write one wrap up post when I get home with all that’s lacking in this short email now. 
this week really has been great. i wish i had time to tell and explain everything that has happened. 
this past weekend we fasted for our investigators to progress. and for the most part they really are. but through this fast, the Lord showed us where we needed to focus our efforts and where not to waste our time. HE’S the best! 

anyways. seriously don’t have time. seriously love you all. seriously can’t believe this is my last time writing from the darn lan house dying of heat and always being pressed for time. but i wouldn’t change it for the world!!!! 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church on the face of the earth!. joseph smith was a prophet. God and his son, Jesus Christ, truly appeared to Joseph and called him to restore the Christ’s gospel to the earth. we have a living prophet today. his name is Thomas S. Monson. he too, speaks with God and receives revelation for God’s children in this day. he leads and directs us with all the difficulties and challenges today so that we can return and live forever with our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families. i know of the love our Heavenly Father has for us. i have felt it more than ever these past 18 months. He loves me, but he loves you as well. and he loves the people i teach, pass on the street, even the people that reject us. our brother Jesus Christ died for us. he paid the price for our chance at eternal life. but it’s us who will decide where and how we will live after this life. we have the wonderful gift of agency that allows us to grow here on earth. 

my mission wouldn't be complete without wearing traditional clothes from the south 
roupas de prenda:)
i hope that i’ve been able to say something that has helped you throughout this year and a half. it’s changed my life, but it’s not the end. i have a lot more work to do. there’s lots of more people i love that don’t have the gospel, and i feel responsible to give them the chance to change and to feel this as well. 

i’m so grateful for all of the support i’ve received. i am seriously blessed. at times i feel embarrassed and lots of time unworthy. the letters, emails, packages, and love that was sent to the south of the brasil is overwhelming. i hope that i can repay you all someday. 

but most of all i hope that each of us can truly live this gospel. that we can be examples for those who don’t have these truths. and i hope that one day we can all meet in the celestial kingdom, in a state of perfect happiness, with our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. 

i love you all. have a great week. 
one last time...

xoxox, sister faldmo 

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