Monday, January 12, 2015

the beginning of the end... January 12, 2015

don't try this at home people....
only the best of companions feed each other worms...
I LOVE TEACHING THE PLAN OF SALVATION—THE PLAN OF HAPPINESS. it’s my favorite. especially when we explain the atonement. 
gave my last talk in church as a missionary :( but i loved how it went. i talked about alma the younger and the sons of mosiah and how what made the difference for them in preaching and sharing the gospel was them having a real testimony and how we as members need a real testimony to be converted to His work before we can teach others. 
hahha it was elder barros birthday and he’s annoying and doesn’t like sisters (kidding-- but kinda not. he’s a good missionary. he’s way sarcastic but it’s funny) so we ignored him all day on his bday and then left a little surprise at their house (which by the way, is WAY nicer than ours) aka a big pink banner and balloons. when we were hanging it up this little girl in the road asked, which one of the mormon’s birthday is it today? and then asked if we were mormon too hahaha. 
i can still make a pretty great bday sign:)
also… we taught their neighbors that live in the front. 3 guys. we asked them if they had already heard of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?  they said, “yeah, like 50 mormons live here in the front (because we are always coming and leaving with transfers so they think a ton of elders live there-- but it’s just 4 hahha)
when i show my family pic to a member and she says, “so you have 5 siblings???... but i say “no i have 4”... “but there’s 5 here”... “no, one is me”... and then i had to show her which one was me. guess i’ve changed a bit on the mish… haha
we’ve taken like 4 boxes of cigarettes away from our investigators these days.. why does everyone smoke?! (and then we awkwardly don’t know what to do with them and they accidentally stay on our desk for a couple days hahah)
the countdown on my wall.... trunky? NEVER!
and continuing on in our series of... the colored houses of southern brazil... here we are passing a yellow house:)
and a nice turquoise house:)
we literally had lunch on the farm this week!!!!  but there was a cow like 5 feet away from me as i was eating ... beef. #awk. 

so yeah. my life is good. things are… ending. lots of lasts. but i’m chill. just hoping and praying that one of our investigators gets baptized this transfer. we are teaching some really great people but lots of them smoke or need to get married. i was really sad because we set a baptismal date for one of our investigators for my last Saturday, but then he didn’t go to church yesterday so now he can’t be baptized on the 24th. we only have one more investigator that qualifies or could possibly be baptized while i am still here :( so we will do our best to have everything work out for the baptism of franciele my last saturday. 
i love my companion. sister alvarado is perfect. 

sister alvarado... how can i be so blessed to finish with her? two weeks
we get along so great. maybe more than we should because we get distracted easily talking together hahaJ and we are always hungry! haha. but the mango juice keeps us slim! don’t worry haha. 

anyways. i feel good. we are starting to get the hang of things here and have gained the confidence and trust of the members here in Sao Borja... just in time for me to leave haha. but at least i can leave things good for the next transfer and for whoever comes after me. 

i loved speaking on sunday because i could share lots of the things our prophets and apostles said in conference. what they spoke is so relevant. we really need to study conference talks ALWAYS.  many of them talked about our own personal testimonies of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, the prophet Joseph Smith, and our Savior. i invite you all to evaluate your own testimonies and search for how you can strengthen what you already know, then pray for opportunities to share that knowledge. 

i love you all!

xoxo sister faldmo

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