Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015... tchau 2014... feliz 2015!‏

  • so i’m addicted to mango juice! we make it every morning! its my favorite! but i’m super worried about how i will maintain this addiction at home???... 
  • our teaching group is getting better! we actually have people to plan for and who are ready for us to teach them!!!
sister alvarados my comp and i decided while we are walking to take pics in front of all the different house colors in southern brasil:)
  • solange and the fam always take care of us and invited us last minute to have a little churrasco with them on new years eve
    i figured i better get a pic with churrasco before i left... this is southern brasil folks!

  • the emails the mission has been sending me lately… they’re all about going home. today i had a mini breakdown. is it really ending???
    this is how i feel about ending my mission

  • the difference in number of people at church from when it’s raining and when it’s not… the numbers were double this week!  #norain

so here we are... hot, sweaty, besties, finally companions for ONE day! #inthetopfiveofhappiestdaysonmission
  • the news of the week is---- I FINALLY GOT TO BE COMPANIONS WITH SISTER SHUMWAY! ok it was less than a day but thanks to her being perfect and fancy and our sister training leader and what not we spent new year’s eve together. it was perfect. where do i begin?
  • i gave ALL of our good plans to my comp and sister ramos, the other STL because i didn’t want her to them to worry about clapping doors and what not.. but it left sister shumway and i with almost nothing and the little we had fell through (it was NYE.. unfortunately people would not listen to our message about our Savior)
  • we got lost in the middle of a horse jockey place trying to contact a referral .. we thought we had found his house but then we noticed it was actually a horse stable...
  • we ate 20 reais worth of ice cream during our dinner break
  • we walked sooooo much
  • we got rejected sooo much
  • we laughed soooo much
  • and... she was trying to be sooooo obedient and sleep even though the midnight fireworks even though here it seems like we are in world war 3… so at midnight i jumped on her bed, gave her a hug and a midnights kiss (on the cheek duh) and it’s summer in brazil, we’re sweaty and gross.. poor thing. it was my first new years kiss!!! bahahha. hers too i think. 

feliz 2015!!!!

so thats about all i’ve got to say.
i’m trying to make new year’s goals but it feels impossible given my situation. i only have spiritual goals haha. my life i'm about to enter seems like it's pretty crazy. i don’t know what to think about, what to plan, what to do. but i’m good. i’m still focused here in brasil.  even though I’ll admit, i started a countdown on my wall today hahhaa. 
yesterday i realized it was my last testimony meeting here in the south. i cried a little. i wanted so badly to share my testimony but there was lots of members bearing testimony so i left it to them. but then i got what i asked for because after church they asked me to speak next sunday. hahah. 

so i love you ALL lots. i love this gospel. i love God. I’m happy. sorry if I seem that i can’t even concentrate and write a good email anymore. haha.  have a fab week and don’t forget to send your last minute letters TODAY!

xoxoxoxoxoox sister faldmo
found this happy moment on sister alvarados' camera of christmas day with my family!
sister alvarados' camera has this really weird lens that makes me look like this:)

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