Saturday, August 31, 2013

brasil/provo rollercoaster august 30, 2013

•food here actually is alright! but i can't eat much of it so maybe i'll lose weight!

•falling in love with brazilians- they're hilarious!!

•there's a panini maker in the cafeteria

•finding out checked bags to brazil can actually be 70 pounds!

•jet lag—it’s real ladies and gentlemen

•leaving my provo mtc district. no group will ever compare-- i miss them so much!

•broken pay phones in the ATL airport #oldschoolprobs

•whoever said the brazil CTM is less strict… IS A STRAIGHT UP LIAR!! (the teacher is watching my email time right now like a hawk!)

•everyone here is speaking the same language so they can enforce SYL (speak your language) ,..o que?

•meeting parents on the plane to Sao Paulo that are going to pick up their missionary and silently crying in your heart #17moremonths

•saying goodbye to my polynesian friends in the prove mtc

•finding out bags can be 70 pounds AT THE SLC AIRPORT when you left a box of goods in your room at provo mtc to make the 50 lbs checked weight that was given in the missionary instructionsL

•not being able to type too fast because i can't figure out these brasil keyboards

•being the new girl, and all a sudden being so quiet #notmyself

•when you finally fall asleep on your flight to sao paulo and you get a candy runt to the face from elder edwards

•the majority of the meals here include ham, cheese, and bread

•when teachers ask you where you're from, you say south dakota, and they look muito confuso.

•going to two temples on two different sides of the world in one week (provo and sao paulo)

•talking to my fam on tuesday... enough to carry me to christmas

•when a random lady pays for your meal in the ATL airport #mormonseverywhere

•being able to sit by elder edwards on every plane and not a rando person

•being able to leave and walk around the streets in sao paulo on p day-- right after this i'm getting candy for dayzzz

•walking onto the plane and a random passenger holds up his ensign #represent

brasil!!! this week has been an emotional rollercoaster.  brazil is great but i'm not yet sold on the CTM experience here. i'm sure i'll get there, but there's been so much to adjust to so quickly.  a new country, district, companion, and way of doing things. i realized how comfortable and lucky i was in provo.  everything is on a much smaller scale here. the workers only speak portuguese and as much as i want to be kind and get to know them there's still only so much small talk i can say.  we scored though because we traveled all of tuesday (which was chill and fun-- loved the group we traveled with), then got here wednesday and things were pretty chill (intro stuff), then usual schedule yesterday, and today is p day!!  then my real p day will be on wednesday… so just less than a week until the next one. hopefully by then i will be adjusted. to those who don't have your visas-- enjoy provo while you can! things are fine here, but it's a hard adjustment, but i know the sacrifice will be worth it and my portuguese will improve. for those of you who don't get the chance to learn here… i'll just bring you up to speed in the field. also, i would put a smiley face here but i don't know how to do that on these keyboards #foreignprobs. i know i will learn more than portuguese here. i have to rely on my heavenly father because i am struggling much more than i did at the beginning, but  i'm alright with that.  we watched these awesome conference talk clips last night and they spoke to me. we ARE doing the Lord's work-- was the atonement easy? were things easy when others spit on him and mocked him? nothing about christ's life was easy, and we can we not expect to feel a small portion of that pain when we do His work?  i know things will get harder, but i am prepared to sacrifice and at times feel a fraction of that pain because this work is worth it!

 nextstop... santamaria

i love you all so much! the dear elder service doesn't work here so i miss getting your letters. you can just send them to my mission home address in santa maria.  i should be there by the time they get there. the church is true people!


xoxo sister faldmo

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