Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ready... or not???

on tuesday august 27 myself and elder edwards will start our journey to brazil!!
we were in class.. minutes away from teaching our investigator and on the intercom in our room came "are elder edwards and sister faldmo in the room?" yes.. "would you please come to the travel office?" i was way confused because it was just us, not us and our companions (but of course they had to go with us) and everyone guessed it was on our visa. to be honest i really didn't want to think it was. on the way there we ran into an elder from our zone who has been here a week less and he was just returning from receiving his travel plans because he had gotten his visa. so we basically knew what we were in for. we were walking so fast and i was starting to be realistic about the fact that i would be leaving the provo mtc where i was finally so comfortable and happy. we walked into the travel office and they said "elder edwards and sister faldmo? these are your travel plans for tuesday. you received your visa and will be leaving."
elder edwards was the only one excited. our companions and i were sad. i was overwhelmed with emotions to be honest. obviously this is a good thing, this is the goal for all brazil missionaries, but i didn't know it would come so soon. i really love what i have here in provo, my language, teachers, district, zone, branch presidency, and friends around the corners. now i have to go to a new country, with a language i struggle with, with a new district, zone, companion, food.. anything and everything. i would be lying if i said i didn't cry. 

we walked back to the classroom, excited but nervous, trying to think of what we could tell our district "we're getting reassigned" "we're getting sent home" or what not.. but when i saw sister olander and she asked i couldn't lie. i'm so sad to say goodbye so soon. we went minutes later to teach a lesson to our practice investigator (our teacher) and i broke down crying and she let us pause in our teaching in portuguese so i could tell her what was going on in english. i hate being so emotional and scared but it's just what i am! 
now that everything has settled in i'm ready. i'm still scared, but i have faith that this will be so worth it. my language skills definitely need to be strengthened and there's something that needs to be learned in the brazil mtc. i honestly have felt like my mtc experience has been "too easy and comfortable" and have been surprised by it.. so i guess this is what i asked for-- a challenge.

sister faldmo & elder edwards with travel plans... not too happy companions being left behind.
message from sister faldmo's sad Brazilian zone being left behind
luckily most of my district will be in santa maria eventually and this isn't the end. i'm also so grateful i will be traveling with elder edwards. we are pretty close and he's already told me he's going to make me place a book of mormon in front of him, so he's challenging me but he kind of will be a safety net through this all, as well as my Savior of course. it will be fun! right? i know it will be okay. but send all your packages asap ;) we report to leave for the airport Tuesday august 27 at 8am. 

love to all,

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