Monday, August 19, 2013

This is BIG time!! August 8, 2013 MTC

This is BIG Time!
holy cow was it just 10 hours ago we said our curbside good-byes?  those ten hours were so crazy.  they should make a video of the first day… like the district.  dad would eat it up!!
my hosts were excellent.  once I entered the first building my tears stopped and things were crazy!  ID, key, NAME TAG! (oh I love my name tag… I get the chills just looking at it). then drop things off at the room, bring scriptures and notebook, pick up a big bag of supplies (Portuguese scriptures, Portuguese/English dictionary, Preach My Gospel, Mish handbook, etc.) then go to the classroom.  Ddrop things off… then do some computer evaluations & videos--- like one that explained then quizzed you on gym time… if someone gets hurt you should NOT assist them, even if you have medical experience, just FYIJ  then back to classroom.  this is the best part… 100% immersion!  Our teacher is just going off and I swear everyone was going along with it and I had to try SO hard not to laugh.  I caught about 5% of what she was saying.  There was all of this Portuguese on the board, I wrote it down even though I had no clue what it meant.  but then we did some exercises and I found outJ  my district is GREAT… i think it’s half sisters/half elders.  most of us are going to Brazil, but one to AFRICA!!!  then most of us are Santa Maria too.  anyways, then we had a meeting with the MTC President.  the room was about the size of a chapel plus the overflow and filled with missionaries.  he said there was another room like that filled and another smaller at the West MTC!!
then dinner… @ 4:00!! ha, good thing I didn’t eat before I got to the MTC, then unpacking, then “The Wednesday Night Experience” just learning about teaching and investigators, etc.  Real good stuff.  Then meeting the zone and zone leaders.  my companion is Sister A (al-saute)… a cutie from Texas.  she’s 24 and doesn’t like running either.  so life is goodJ
P-DAY is on Friday, but that means it will be a week & a half before I can email.
i love you all so much.  if you want to be humbled, serve a mission.  i just laugh when my teacher says something and wants me to say yes back.  I do… but I don’t really know what I’m saying it to. Learning about working with investigators was great.  Ii’s not about us, it’s about them and the Spirit.

anyways, I could go on but it’s 10:23 PM… so crazy!!  BEST DAY EVER!

Tudo Bem!!

Love, Sister Faldmo


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