Thursday, August 29, 2013

don't get too comfortable! august 23, 2013

good, bad, awkward, awesome
i got my visa. 
i get to travel on tuesday with elder e from my district. 
i got to email about my visa and travel plans yesterday, today is p day, and monday i get to send emails again if i need. 
 i get to use a PHONE tuesday at the airport. 
the fact that i'm leaving has shown everyone's true colors. i totally have my whole district wrapped around my finger. i'm thinking monday i'm going to try and get the DL to give me my letters early. 
everyone should be so proud of me- this week i played softball, basketball, and volleyball and i didn't embarrass the family! and it was really fun! 
our devotional speaker on sunday served in the rapid city south dakota mission and talked about it the entire time! (Vai Sikahema- byu football player, nfl player, news anchor, etc. look him up he's legit!) 
and you said i couldn't clean #certifiedpassonthecleaningcheck
i got my visa.
elder e said if it wasn't against the white handbook he would give me wet willies when i fall asleep on the plane. (#18YOelderprobz)
when the district leader asks "how do you think we did this past week?" and everyone starts laughing. 
when our classroom is like the 5th floor of the HBLL during personal study. (#byuinsidejoke)
hearing about SD a lot on sunday made me a little homesick. 
after getting my visa i could not focus WHAT SO EVER. 
i got my visa.
being chosen to speak in sacrament meeting, in portuguese, minutes before i had to get up and talk. the talk was prepared but the only think more awkward than my portuguese is the hope that no one can listen to portuguese very well so they didn't know what i was saying anyways. 
we took a picture of all the sister at the mtcs (both west and normal) and it was a panoramic so we had to hold still. right as it was our part of the panoramic sister shumway sneezed and everyone heard it and knew we messed up the picture. 
during fireside via sikahema showed a clip about how he slid the gospel and the church into a news clip.. they were talking about how iowa was named the top party school in the nation. then, of course today i wore my u of i tshirt without thinking (#mtcscarletletter)
when we were walking back from the devotional on tuesday at the marriott center it was education week so everyone is around campus and in the parking lot and they’re taking pictures of us. 
i got my visa. 
the work WILL move forward. from what i've, heard yesterday was a BIG day for visas. 
singing called to serve after fireside and improv everyone stands up. 
sister a isn't just bon qui qui, she also has a little of “that's so raven” in her.
making my district watch my favorite mormon messages so they would focus. (if you need a pick me up please search "what matters most mormon message in youtube". even if you don't DO IT NOW!)
i love getting all of your letters and dear elders. i hope i can still hear from you in brazil!
got to skip service aka cleaning because of sister a's appointment (#beatingthesystem)
my friend elder m from tonga is hilarious. i swear he learned english through learning pick up lines. dad, i think you would be proud to know i have made friends with LOTS of Polynesians :) they are so kind. elder manu gave me a lava lava from tonga and a fuzzy lei thing and elder haumanu gave me a shell lei because i am leaving. they are really funny because of the pop culture things they know in english.

elder m quotes:
•as we are walking back from devotional tuesday he kept yelling "SMELLS LIKE AMERICA!!" in his accent. 
•when he found out i would be leaving he gave me a little pep talk and then said "you invite others to come unto christ, then after your mission, i will invite you to go to the temple." #whitehandbook 
you know you're in the mtc when... everyone's excited because a holland talk is playing sunday night. 
overheard in our district "they asked me.. by by they i mean i asked myself.." (then he chuckles to himself) -our district leader.
look who i found in the cafeteria #bridalshopcoworkers
so obviously the big news of the week is… my visa. i've accepted it now and have started packing and doing what i need to be ready for the big day. it doesn't help that one of the elders keeps using "crusty" as his adjective of choice when talking about the brazil mtc.  how nasty of a word is that? overall this week was good. i honestly think i was too comfortable here in provo and i need more of a challenge, so bring it on! i still am really lost in class but our teacher talked to sister a and i and said she was really impressed with our lessons, and specifically told me she was so impressed with my portuguese. it meant a lot to have her say that. she is more of a tough love kinda of teacher, but now that we've gotten to know her i really love her. she's been so great, supportive, but she pushes us. 
a new bestie sister Shumway
i'm really enjoying studying the book of mormon every day. i totally challenge you all to dedicate more time to it. i'm the most hypocritical person to say this because now my schedule is a 360 from what it was before and i have so much more time, but i don't know why we even waste our time with anything else! we are so lucky to have what we have- profeta, o livro de mormon, oracao, etc. these are ways god shows us he loves us and we need to show him we appreciate them by using them!
 shout out to jaxon & aunt jill for saving the day... shoes, wax, it's a long story. #beatingthesystem
gallaghers are helping me feel the love!
but lets be real.. you all are so great. you're already doing these things. i can feel your prayers and support. i know (fortunately and unfortunately) that's why i got my visa. clearly there is a nee for me in brazil and i am going to figure it out! i can't wait. 
i love you all. thank you for getting me here. i'm so happy to be doing exacty what the lord wants me to! 
xoxo sister faldmo. 

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